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Welcome to ComputingEd@UW, a community of UW faculty and students passionate about 1) research about how people learn computing and 2) the practice of how people teach computing.

Our community spans faculty and students from:

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How do I meet people in the community?

How do I participate in research?

There are many ways to get started:

  • Read the Computing Education Research FAQ to learn about the field.
  • Visit the CSE 590E Computer Science Education seminar. It's got a graduate level course number, but it's open to students at all levels. It often discusses computing education research papers and their application to CS teaching.
  • Join one of Amy's lablets, in the Code and Cognition Lab. These are informal research gatherings amongst students, led by Amy and her postdocs and doctoral students.
  • Reach out to any of the faculty and students in the community to chat about research opportunities.

How do I learn to teach computing?

That depends on the level at which you want to teach.

  • Interested in middle or high school?
    • Read about the College of Education's STEP CS program, an interdisciplinary partnership between the Allen School, The Information School, and the College of Education to prepare middle and high school CS teachers. The FAQ linked above has everything you need to know.
  • Interested in college-level teaching? There are many ways you can learn:
  • Not sure? That's okay! There are some ways of learning more about pathways.

Who's in the community?

Below is an alphabetized list of faculty and students who've asked to be listed as part of the community. To be listed here, tell us about yourself and we'll add you. We refresh this page at the end of each Spring quarter to keep it fresh.

Ruth Anderson Associate Teaching Professor CSE
Rahul Banerjee PhD student CSE
Bob Boiko Teaching Professor iSchool
Lauren Bricker Associate Teaching Professor CSE
Brock Craft Associate Teaching Professor HCDE
Diana Dai Undergrad CSE
Andrew Davidson Associate Teaching Professor HCDE
Matt Davidson PhD student Education
Sayamindu Dasgupta Assistant Professor HCDE
Katie Davis Associate Professor iSchool
Jayne Everson PhD student CSE
Emilia Gan PhD student CSE
Katie Headrick-Taylor Assistant Professor Education
Justin Hsia Associate Teaching Professor CSE
Ari Hock PhD student Education
Omar Ibrahim Masters CSE
Lucy Jiang Undergrad CSE
Richard Ladner Emeritus Professor CSE
Jialin Li PhD student CSE
Kevin Lin Assistant Teaching Professor CSE
Amy J. Ko Professor iSchool
Benjamin Mako-Hill Assistant Professor Communication
Sean Munson Associate Professor HCDE
Niral Shah Assistant Professor Education
Jasper Tran O'Leary PhD student CSE
Alannah Oleson PhD student iSchool
Hal Perkins Associate Teaching Professor CSE
Pratyush Patel PhD student CSE
Yim Register PhD student iSchool
Joel Ross Associate Teaching Professor iSchool
Mara Kirdani-Ryan PhD student CSE
Jean Salac Postdoctoral Scholar iSchool
Hunter Schafer Assistant Teaching Professor CSE
Abduselam Shaltu Undergrad CSE
Meron Solomon Undergrad Design
Steve Tanimoto Professor CSE
Kyle Thayer Assistant Teaching Professor iSchool
Linda Vong Undergrad CSE, Education
Jason Yip Associate Professor iSchool
Robbie Weber Assistant Teaching Professor CSE
Brett Wortzman Assistant Teaching Professor CSE
Aaron Zhao Undergrad iSchool, Education
Annuska Zolyomi Assistant Teaching Professor Computing & Software Systems, UW Bothell

We also have many former members who have moved to other institutions. Here are their affiliations from when they were here at UW:

Anne Drew Hu Undergrad CSE, Education
Dastyni Loksa PhD student iSchool
Greg Nelson PhD student CSE
Benjamin Xie Postdoc iSchool